Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Suicide Silence - Unanswered

This areSuicide Silence with their song Unanswered!

What do you think about music like that?
I really enjoy listening to them, if you would like to tell me yoiur opinion just feel free to do so.

Suicide Silence perform an extreme metal musical style known as deathcore which is a fusion between death metal and metalcore. The band perform this style as well as gain influences from several other extreme musical genres such as black metal, grindcore, and mathcore. The mathcore elements can be seen in the varied speed changes and complex time signatures in the band's music. The vocals of Mitch Lucker are frequently fluctuating between death growls and high-pitched screamed vocals used in black metal. The drumming is very fast-paced, grindcore influenced, and employs a liberal use of double bass drumming and blast beats.
The band members themselves have stated that they gain influence from groups such as Meshuggah, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Necrophagist, Nile, Slipknot, Deftones and Korn