Samstag, 2. Oktober 2010

Mobile Phones? T303 Is mine.

So, people!
Its time for me to buy a new mobile phone.
I'm sorry that i have to say this one in the picture up there is my mobile phone.
A Sony Ericsson T303.
I really like it because it is very small and easy in usage!
But since im always listening to music it's not enough for me...
It has the usual Sony Ericsson music player including Equalizer and stuff like that BUT only a capacity of 10MB and thats for pictures, videos and music.
And before you post a comment like "come on guy just get a 1238476 GB SD-Card for it" i have to say that you can't extend its capacity.
Bad luck for me i think!

And that's my problem now...
And now i'm asking YOU

What is your mobile phone, which one would you like to own and which one should I buy?
 feel free to post! you can save my life by telling me :P


  1. Thats similar to my old phone, it looks cool, but I could never go back to something like this after having my iphone...

  2. My phone is ancient... Like from 2000 I think.. :P I should get a new one :o

  3. I have an iPhone 3GS, want an iPhone 5 (when it comes out next year, when my contract expires) and you should get an... iPhone 4 :P

  4. Get an iphone and jailbreak it. That's the troll way

  5. I'm still using an LG Chocolate. Pretty nice still though :)

  6. i need a new phone as well, let me know what you end up with!

  7. Still rolling with a n73..
    Time to get a new phone i guess

  8. sweet phone. I have a samsung Eternity. It looks like an iphone when you are using it, so I just tell people it's an iPhone if they ask.

  9. Motorola Droid up in this mofo!!!
    my dream phone is however, the Nokia N8, running on something other than POS T-Mobile and AT&T.
    gosh, the only good company in america is Verizon

  10. why didnt you get an iphone4 waaaaaah

  11. I use MyTouch loving it so far!

  12. I have one of these and an iphone. heh.

  13. im not sure if its a good pohone. I am down with blackberry bold.