Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Fav Band?

So i just told you about one of my favourite bands (HSB)
So im asking YOU this time!

Which band is your favourite? 
(I think also singers should be allowed on this)

just feel free to post comments!


  1. I listen to so many bands of many, many genres at the same time that I change my "fav band" very often...

    But if there's one band that I respect the most out of all these electronic music, rap, psychodelic, jazz, metal, rock, whatever... I guess my favourite out of then is Pink Floyd.

  2. Los Campesinos! would have to be my all time favorite.

  3. Type o negative, even though peter steele has passed

  4. J you have great taste the song a wolf at the door by radiohead is perfect